Websites made easy and affordable


"Websites are sort of like a smallpox injection. You do it because you have to, but you never want to do it again – it’s too painful". This is a client comment that sums up the majority of website experiences according to Web Force 5 Managing Director, Craig Topp.

Web Force 5 is an Australian based website development company that has been involved in over 6,000 website projects for small to medium size businesses. Web Force 5 recently developed the AILDM website and has, over the last 18 months, provided website consulting services to members of landscaping and nursery related industry associations across Australia. AILDM’s own experience prompted us to negotiate with Web Force 5 the provision of similar services for the AILDM membership because they removed that ‘website development pain’.

We asked Web Force 5 why their program has been so successful within the landscaping sector. “Whenever we speak to small business owners and ask them to describe their experience in either building or managing their website they tell us the same three things consistently”. In summary:

  1. It took too long – most website developers have very little system or process to what they do. They reinvent the wheel for every project and the inefficiencies that this brings to bear results in endless meetings, revisions and missed deadlines.
  2. It cost too much – not so much the initial quote as all of the surprises along the way. The general strategy of website developers is to get you on the hook and then ‘stick it to you at every opportunity’.
  3. It was really hard and frustrating – website developers are usually ‘technical’ in their orientation; they speak a different language.


The Web Force 5 program has been so successful in the industry because the website system, in conjunction with the consultation and support processes, has been designed to specifically remove those frustrations. This is how:

The prices charged by Web Force 5 are well below market rates.

They talk plain English, not technical talk that we don’t understand.

Their website planning meetings are very structured and easy to follow.

The websites they make are easy to use and relevant to the landscaping industry.

There are no hidden costs.


Web Force 5 is offering AILDM members free consulting services. At your request a Web Force 5 staff member will connect with you and facilitate a website planning process. The result of this will be a website scoping document you can use as a plan for the development of your website. You will see the ease of use of the system and have all your website related questions answered within one hour.

Contact Web Force 5 directly if you would like to discuss your current website or to explore what the Web Force 5 system offers. Their staff will answer any questions you may have and help you determine if you would benefit from their website planning process.

AILDM members can see some of the Web Force 5 designs and contact Web Force 5 via - click on ‘Request a Consultation’ to fill the form. Or call 1300 909 555 and identify yourself as an AILDM member.

If your website is not doing what you want it to do for your business, take the opportunity to discover what Web Force 5 has to offer. Make your website as powerful as it can be.