How the CPD Program Works

Participation in AILDM's CPD Program is an obligation of membership. Once you become a member you are bound by the following program policy.

1. Management

  1. The scheme will be reviewed bi-annually (or at the council’s discretion) by the AILDM National Council to ensure it remains relevant and effective for AILDM and it’s members.
  2. The National Council has the right to audit the CPD records of participating members by issuing an audit notice. 

2. Your obligations

2.1 All AILDM corporate members are required to participate.  

2.2 Participants are required to accumulate minimum 12 points in the 12 month period immediately prior to membership renewal

2.3 At least 6 points must be drawn from core CPD activities, and the remainder can be from non-core activities.

     2.4 Participating members are required to maintain records of their CPD activities and participate in audit          assessment when selected. 

3. CPD activities

Responsibility lies with the member to keep their own Personal Activity Log up to date. This may be undertaken either on the website or in hard copy. In addition, relevant proof of activities must be kept. For example:

  • Transcript of results for study undertaken
  • Copy of written Journal Articles
  • Summary Notes of relevant reading
  • Registration/Attendance certificate for seminars and conferences etc.

4. Accumulating points

  1. Points cannot be carried over to the following year
  2. Record your activities in your CPD Log book as you complete them. Click here to obtain a copy of the logbook.

4.1 Keep any documentary evidence of your activities for one financial year after lodging your CPD Personal Activity Log.

4.2 Return your Personal Activity Log to the National Council at the end of the relevant membership year or progressively update your record by submitting an update form.
Click here to update your record.

4.3 You may be audited as part of the scheme.

5. CPD record audits

  1. The National Council is authorised to conduct CPD audits and may delegate this responsibility. 

5.1 An audit may be undertaken on a random basis, or if the individual has been the subject of a complaint, or to meet other requirements or priorities established by Council. 

5.2 A Notice of CPD Audit will be issued to you if you are selected

5.3 If you receive a Notice of CPD Audit, you are required to submit for review relevant CPD records within 1 calendar month, providing documentary evidence of completion of CPD activities

5.4 If you are unsuccessful in the audit process you are no longer eligible to promote yourself as a Certified Practising Member until your CPD has been deemed current, or for a period of the next membership year.

Auditing will be carried out by the AILDM Administrator.