Design Brief

Statement of Purpose

Prepare a one A4 page statement of the purpose of your design, what you have designed and why you have
designed it. This should outline the planning, design, construction requirements and choice of materials and
resources. Your statement should include how you have addressed:

  • The theme 'Modern Australian backyard'
  • Why you have selected the construction materials, how they are appropriate and innovative.
  • Your use of green skills, sustainability, recycled products, energy efficiency, energy consumption, waste

          management etc.

  • How innovation and elements have been added to enhance the space (e.g, solar lighting, screens, low walls,pergolas, seating, garden art, waterfeatures, bbq etc.
  • The correct selection of plant types for the setting/environment.


Submit as many plans as necessary to explain your design and to provide the landscape students with enough
detail to build your design.

As a minimum this should include:

  • A plan view
  • A perspective drawing or elevation
  • Construction detail drawings
  • Entries can be hand drawn, computer generated or a combination of both
  • All written labels and notes must be typed

The plan should include:

  • A detailed planting plan showing the plant species and a plant schedule.This plan will be coloured

Ensure that appropriate graphics are used that:

  • Give a clear understanding of the design
  • Are clearly readable
  • Are of a professional standard

Information on the design has to be relevant and precise. Notes and specifications need to be included to explain your design and support its construction.

  • Site Dimensions: The site is an irregular shape,please refer to the Base Plan for details.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The winning designs may require minor adjustment to the perimeter areas of their designs to suit the layout of the gardens on site.

Be mindful of the following restrictions:

  • There are no dividing walls between the gardens. The site will be viewed from all sides.
  • There will be paths between the gardens so that the public will have access to walk around each of the qardens
  • There is no power access for the gardens once the Easter Show opens to the public.
  • The site is level.
  • The public may not enter the site but the judges may.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of walls that can be constructed within each garden. 

Design Budget:

You need to show that your design can be constructed within budget. A fully costed materials list complete with contact details for each supplier is to be included.This is to be submitted as an A4 PDFdocument,

Materials Budget;

Each garden has a material budget of $3000. Plant materials are in addition to this amount as they will be supplied by Andreasons Wholesale Nursery. The use of a minimal amount of garden fill is to be used in the construction phase. The use of altemative fills in garden beds i.e. polystyrene, boxes etc is to be explored. A 'Box' can be constructed to surround the perimeter of your site and to conceal your pots. This will need to be finished with materials from within your budget.

Labour Budget:

The construction will be completed by the landscape students of TAFE colleges. Each garden should be able to be constructed by a class of 15 students over a period of 3 days.

Plant Material:

The design should include a minimum of 40% soft landscape. All plant material must be selected from the
Andreasons availability list supplied as part of this brief. Remember that you are designing a show garden and that it needs to look 'finished' for the show so you may need to use plants at a denser planting than for a permanent garden. Remember to consider pot size and concealing pots.

Click on the link below to view Andreasons availability list bio/2014_OCTOBER_General_low_res.pdf