Disobedient Gardens - Michael Cooke & Brigid Arnott

Disobedient gardens

Perfect may not be perfect. In the eyes of landscape designer Michael Cooke it is the imperfections, the slightly wild disobedience of a garden, that give it its distinct character. He showcases this in his new book 'Disobedient Gardens'. Featuring five gardens, including his own, the book shows how elements of wildness combined with order lead to the creation of a garden that is unique and can grow and evolve. He encourages gardeners to be patient and let their gardens take time to display their personality.

AILDM Member Michael Cooke has been designing gardens since 1983 and exhibited a garden in the first hidden Design Festival in Sydney in 2014.

Disobedient Gardens by Michael Cooke & Brigid Arnott (Murdoch Books)