Code of Ethics

Garden Expressions

The Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers Ltd (the Institute) is comprised of Professional Landscape Designers, Managers and Consultants employed in diverse and wide-ranging fields.

Each member has achieved formal tertiary qualifications in their area of practice or has been assessed by the Institute to have attained an equivalent level of expertise.

Membership of the Institute carries with it the responsibility to uphold the Objectives of the Institute and to comply with this Code.

Members of the Institute agree to:

  • conduct themselves in a manner which will not prejudice their own professional status or the reputation of the Institute,
  • encourage environmentally sound practices, particularly the long-term survival and sustainability of the environment,
  • maintain professional integrity in all business dealings,
  • gain and maintain the licence or licences relevant to the work performed,
  • comply with all published standards, codes and policies which are relevant to the member’s field of employment,
  • accept responsibility for their professional actions and carry appropriate insurance,
  • comply with relevant statutory requirements where members are responsible for the management of private enterprise,
  • maintain professional skill and knowledge through on-going professional education,
  • enter into mediation or arbitration in the event that a dispute cannot be resolved,
  • recognise the status of members of the Institutions of associated disciplines,
  • be aware, when negotiating employment, of guidance which the Institute may from time to time issue on rates for specific or general professional services and
  • adopt a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunity when interviewing and/or employing staff.

Members failing to comply with this Code may be refused continued membership of the Institute