Why Use An AILDM Designer?

SpringGreen Landscape design

AILDM members have a sound knowledge of landscape design principles, plants and environmental management.

Design expertise

We'll work with you to make the best use of your land, creating beautiful and practical spaces. Communicating these ideas is just as important as creating them, so we're adept at drawing clear, usable scale landscape plans (including sections and elevations) for local government, contractors or your own future use.

Technical training

Our knowledge in site surveying, level changes and quality hardscape construction allows us to plan stairs, retaining walls and correct falls for draining paved areas. Building DAs often require landscape plans, and we understand the complexities of new local and state legislation.

Soil and drainage advice

We also understand soil structure, profiles and chemistry, so you can avoid your new garden failing due to site soil, plant water requirements and sub-surface drainage issues.

Breadth of plant knowledge

We can take your garden from just the ordinary to something special, with a more interesting range of plants chosen to thrive in your soils and climate.

Environmental management

With our skills and planning, we'll create a beautiful garden that also enhances rather than damages your local environment.

Professional approach

We take the time, and have the skills, to make a garden that is uniquely yours, tailor-made for your needs, your site and your lifestyle.

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