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Check you meet our new entry requirements

Training and standards in landscaping design have changed over recent years, so to protect our values and the quality credentials we provide, AILDM has re-evaluated its entry requirements. We require our members to have studied courses that cover a range of fundamental horticultural and design subjects. 

If you wish to join AILDM as a full member, or upgrade your membership, you'll now need to supply a transcript of the subjects you studied and your pass mark, as well as your final qualifications. You will also be asked to provide three examples of your landscape drawings to support your application. The designs will need to include the client brief and show a wide range of knowledge of design skills and problem solving.
The type of plans submitted can include:
  • demonstration of skilful plant selection
  • adaptive problem solving
  • creative use of materials
  • understanding of the client brief

Plans must:

  • be legible and easy to understand
  • have a title block, scale, north point, company/individual name
  • be in A3 PDF format (each plan to be less than 3MB in size)

If you've studied other courses equivalent to an approved diploma course, then we will consider that as a pathway but cannot guarantee admission.

If you have not completed a formal qualification but have extensive experience in landscape design you can still apply. Your application will be on the basis of experience and the landscape plans you provide.

All applicants for membership should familiarise themselves with the assessment criteria  used to assess landscape plans.

The past record, and any conduct issues, of applicants seeking to re-join AILDM after a period of lapsed membership will be taken into account in assessing their application.