Landscape Design Award Categories

Acre Landscape Architecture Studio

The 2018 AILDM Landscape Design Awards cover 11 categories

A 'Best in Category' will be announced at the 2018 Annual AILDM Awards night, with finalists being awarded Gold or Silver. The judging panel will also choose an overall winner to be presented with the Allan Correy Award for Design Excellence.

Final entries are due 5pm Friday June 8, 2018.

All entries must be submitted using the entry form on the AILDM website. All documents and images for an entry must be submitted by the deadline.

Late entries will not be accepted.

Category 1 – Rooftop

Residential or Commercial Landscape Design of a rooftop space. A rooftop garden is a space above grade/ or on a slab, open to the sky.

Category 2 – Balcony or Alfresco

Residential or commercial balcony or alfresco area 

Category 3 – Residential - less than 50m2

Residential Landscape Design : the landscaped area to be less than 50m2

Category 4 – Residential - from 50-150m2

Residential Landscape Design: the landscaped area to be from 50 - 150m2

Category 5 – Residential - more than 150m2

Residential Landscape Design: The landscaped area to be more than 150m2

Category 6 – Rural/Coastal

Landscape Design for a property outside the metropolitan area.

Category 7 - Master Planning

Strategic design for large scale urban development, residential and planned communities, local community and regional planning on a large scale.

Note: the design needs to be completed but the project may still be under construction.

Category 8 – Commercial Open Space

A landscape design for a public place or park.

Category 9 - Commercial - Educational/Institutional/Playscape

A landscape design for commercial buildings; factories: multi-unit housing: institutions: kindergarten: school: hospital or childcare centres.

Category 10 - Plantscape Design

A project that emphasises the plants as an integral and prominent basis for the landscape design.

Category 11 - Landscape Management - Environmental & Amenity Horticulture

A project that emphasises the management and protection of the existing landscape by exhibiting strong environmental and conservation principles. It may include environmental plans for sensitive sites, revegetation plans, bush regeneration, water catchment and the impact of development on the landscape with the implantation of parks and outdoor spaces. It must also include objectives and recommendations for future management.

Pro Bono entries

An award may be given to a landscape design that was produced on a Pro Bono basis. Each category contains a section to demonstrate the entry was a Pro Bono project. The entrant must receive a Category Award before they are considered for the Pro Bono Award.

Allan Correy Award

All 2018 Award entries will be considered for the Allan Correy Award.  Additionally, should a member wish to nominate an industry peer for this award, please provide a 500 word statement supporting your nomination and include Name, Contact Details, and any information relative to the nominee’s eligibility for the Allan Correy Award.

View the Judging Guidelines for the Allan Correy Award >



A minimum number of entries for each category will be determined by the Awards Committee for the category to be judged. If the minimum number is not received the Awards Committee will contact the entrants and entrance fees will be refunded.

An Award may not be awarded in every category.  In this case, the Awards Committee will contact the entrant/s prior to the Awards night.

Categories maybe combined or split.

Fee per entry - $150


There is no entry fee for pro bono designs.