AILDM Awards marking criteria

Sticks & Stones Landscape Design

Technical Part A

How well does the design address the brief?

A clear written statement setting out your client's brief (max 500 words) 

An explanation of the constraints and opportunities of the site including soil, topography, natural vegetation and climate (max 500 words).

Problem solving: How does the design address the client's brief and solve and site issues?

Technical Part B

Documentation of the project

Has the following documentation been provided?

  • Landscape plan
  • Plant schedule - is it a complete list of plants used with correct botanical name, pot size etc?
  • Details of hard landscape materials used
  • Before and after images
  • Does the documentation accurately represent the built garden?
  • Is the documentation clear, legible and easy to understand?
  • Is the documentation of a high quality, demonstrating professionalism and excellence in design?


  • Does the design suit the site?
  • Does the design show an interesting layout, adequate sizing of spaces, access lines and connections (both ground plane and vertical)?
  • Does the design incorporate design elements such as enclosure, scale, mass and void, light and shade, exploit views in and out of garden?
  • Does the design incorporate design elements such as balance, repetition, contrast, focal points and vista?
  • Does the design have originality, surprise or a wow factor?
  • Does the planting design combine colour, texture and form?
  • Have the plants been chosen, spaced and combined intelligently with reference to their mature size?
  • Does the garden incorporate an interesting or innovative use of materials?
  • Does the garden meet the client's long-term maintenance expectations?