AILDM National Student & Graduate Design Winners

  • 2016 Design Brief

    Prior to 2016 a separate design competition was held for students and recent graduates. In 2016 AILDM's National Landscape Design Awards changed to include a category for recent graduates as well as student members of AILDM. All entrants were required to design to the same brief.

    The Brief

    The occupants are a couple in their late 50s, William and Emma Darcy.   William is the CEO for an international resources company. Emma owns and manages a modern sculpture gallery. William and Emma have 3 adult children who have left home and have families of their own.  The couple‚Äôs five grandchildren (ranging in age from 2 to 15) visit periodically.  The couple has two large dogs.

    The couple has moved into the property recently, downsizing from a much larger property in the area. Although they are happy with the renovation of the house which has opened up the layout of the ground floor into one large living area, the rear garden does not work for them.

    The couple has purchased land from neighbours to extend the garden.

    Both William and Emma travel overseas with work for part of each month.  The garden needs to thrive without the need for intensive maintenance practices.  They are not keen gardeners and they intend to engage a gardener to provide one day of maintenance to the garden each month.  They will not carry out any additional work on the garden. They would prefer not to irrigate the garden (after the plants are established) relying on natural rainfall.

    The garden will be primarily used for entertaining at night. William and Emma are both keen cooks and intend to use the garden to wine and dine their clients and business contacts. Because of this, garden lighting is essential to the garden design.  

  • 1st Place Recent Graduate - Fiona Thompson

    Fiona Thompson

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  • 2nd Place Recent Graduate - Vicki Stride


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  • 1st Place Student - Andrew McLeod


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  • 2nd Place Student - Elizabeth Looije


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  • 2014 Design Brief

    Design a front and rear garden for a young family on a difficult shaped site. It is the family's first garden and they do not know much about gardening or plants. The garden needs to thrive without the need for intensive maintenance practices. They want to have a go at growing vegetables, herbs and possibly fruit.

    They would prefer not to irrigate the garden (after the plants are established) relying on natural rainfall if possible. However, they appreciate that a veggie or fruit area will need regular watering and the design should include at least one water tank for water harvested from the roof of the house. The design also has to take into consideration the existing tree in the neighbour's garden.

    The winners of the competition were:

    1st Place and Allan Correy Award Winner  - Ricky Cole


    2nd Place - Sam Kay




  • 2013 Design Brief

    Design a garden, front and rear, for a two storey residence in a suburban area of your chosen city. The occupants are a couple with two children aged 11 and 14. The family hold contemporary cultural, environmental and economic values of sustainability. They wish their garden to serve the dual purpose of being productive whilst retaining an atmosphere of original and creative design.

    The design must take into consideration the existing tree in the front garden and cannot compromise the long term health of the tree. Areas for outdoor cooking and eating, passive and active recreation, winter suntrap and summer sun retreat areas, as well as the practicalities of recycling bins, clothes drying and a garden shed are also to be included in the design.

    The winners of the competition were:

    1st Place  - Fiona Ericsson


    2nd Place - Brenton Baltetsch


    3rd Place - Sarathip Chaichana


    Allan Correy Award - David Lucas


  • 2011 Design Brief

    Design a garden for the rear and side of a single storey house in an inner city suburb. The occupants are a couple with two young children. One child has autism and is 2 years old, the other is 4 years old.

    While there is no cure for autism, sensory stimulation in the early years in life can greatly improve the skills of these children and the lives of their families.

    The rear of the house backs on to a lane but car access is not needed. The family wants to utilise rainwater for irrigation and other sustainable features and would like to grow a number of productive plants including vegetables. They need a clothesline and entertaining space, as well as storage for bikes and a few garden tools.

    There is considerable overlooking from the east from a 2 storey apartment block located across the laneway.

    There is an existing tree in the neighbouring block to the north.

    1st Place  - Paula Matthews

    2nd Place - Kristine Galea

    3rd Place - Megan Cooper

Please note: The families and addresses shown on the student plans are fictitious and do not relate to actual properties.