Design Communication presentation at 2019 MIFGS

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Saneia Norton Design Communication (SNDC) delivers design communication coaching to design professionals. SNDC’s goal is to empower designers to become stronger communicators through workshops, teaching,podcast and collaborations.

SNDC will present this CPD event where you can learn tips and tricks to be more effective design communicators.

Clear communication of ideas helps to build great project outcomes and strong client relationships. This interactive event will get us talking about design communication in the industry - what’s working and what needs to change.

The aims of the event are to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of clear communication for landscape designers and managers
  • Highlight language skills that complement our design and technical skills
  • Inspire dialogue between industry members, their teams, their clients and the public.

The event will cover the following themes:

  • What we mean by effective design communication
  • How to engage people with design ideas, even without visuals
  • How to communicate with a variety of audiences: technical, non-technical, small groups, large auditoriums
  • How to build confidence in your own style of communication.

Interactive features:

  • Audio snippets from Dig Beneath Design, SNDC’s podcast where industry leaders share how they communicate their work.
  • Video excerpts from successful designers’ presentations and TED talks
  • Practical exercises: depending on the size of the audience, these may be individual reflective learning exercises or small group discussions.
  • Opportunity for questions and discussion.


Event Details:

Date: Friday 29 March, 2019

Location: AILDM site at MIFGS - stand B62

Time: 5-7pm

Cost: $60/person

RSVP: Registrations for this event must be received by 22 March, 2019

Registration is open to members of all landscape industry associations.